The Martell Family

[OMG] talk about some cute kids!  The Martells are fabulous wedding photographers with two beautiful children!  I was so nervous when they asked me to shoot their family but they were so great to work with and we had a great time!  

Southlake Newborn Session : Reed

I love newborn sessions.  Babies are so sweet.  They are all so different and when little Reed came to me he was already three weeks old!  He wasn’t much into sleeping but I was able to get a few sweet sleepy shots and then we just went with it!  I really love the wide awake,...

Embrace Grace : Princess Day

I love it when I get to post about Princess Day!  It happens a few times a year and I am honored to capture it.  Embrace Grace is an organization for single-pregnant women.  You can visit their website here.  If you are pregnant and scared reach out to them.  They will help!  At the end...

Sims Twins part 2

Things are changing here at ElisaMichelene Photography and I couldn’t be happier!  For a while I have only offered two types of newborn sessions, strictly baby posing or strictly lifestyle.  It just wasn’t working and I felt like my true style wasn’t coming through in the final collection.  It was time to make a change. ...


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