First Day of School : Dallas Ft Worth Family Photographer

No way is Sophie in Kindergarten, Cade in third and Maddy in 9th?  Where the time go and man I’m old.  Today was quite exciting but it came with it’s fair share of drama.  First, the kids ended up in bed about an hour later than I wanted them to last night.  It was just plain crazy between TCR Bobcat football for Cade, dinner and bath time we barely made it to bed by 9pm.  This morning started at 5:30 am with Miss Lola (who sleeps until 7:30 every morning).  I heard her sucking her hands and talking to herself and just as I prayed she would go back to sleep the phone rings.  It’s Fidelity calling to tell Shaun he had to go to work today.  Really?  Thanks we didn’t already know that.  Actually, there was a fire at his office last night but still, 5am?  I decided it was a lost cause with Lola so I caved and got her up to feed her.  She took 3 oz.  Waste of time.  By now it was 6:20 and time to wake up the kids.  Surprisingly, they just popped right up and started getting dressed.  We fixed hair, painted nails, had breakfast and then headed outside for our first day photo shoot.  The littles were excited, Maddy not so much but she performed anyway.

At 7:10 we headed to school.  The neighborhood was insanely packed so we parked on one of the streets and walked.  Of course we forgot our fast pass for walking home so we had to get new ones and there were tears when Sophie’s shoes were already rubbing a blister. Ugh, that’s a trip to Target later for new ones.  They made it to class and I am praying for an awesome day.  Maddy’s morning was a little less eventful but she was a ball of nerves sitting in the parking lot till she got up enough courage to walk in to her new high school.  Poor baby!

I am sitting at home now trying to catch my breath.  My babies are growing up way to fast and it’s hard to believe that in four years one of my babies will be leaving the nest.  I am happy and sad today.  I want to hold on to every moment.  Can’t they last just a little bit longer?

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