My Awesome Family

Every year we try to get the whole family together to surprise my mother – in – law with family pics.  Every year, the family grows by at least one and it gets harder and harder to control the crazy kids.  I mean, if you have never been around all of them when they are together I’m not even sure I can put into words how wild they get.  We love the summer time and the outdoors because they can run around like the wild banshees that they are  (which gives me an idea for next years photos) .

I thought for sure I could handle the pics myself this year thanks to my handy dandy remote control trigger for my camera and I was really surprised when I only had to composite two photos together to get one group photo that was presentable for my in-laws.

In the end we had a blast and we took the kids to Holiday in the Park as a treat for their cooperation.  It was a great day…….crazy included.

So my son had a farting app on his ipod touch and well, you know, farts are always funny.






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