Mother’s Day was the best!!  I was asked by my church to set up a photo booth to do some pics of all the moms with their children.  Each mom also gets a free 5×7.  What a cool idea!!!  I have been wanting to style a set and this was my opportunity.  I decided to create a neutral background with just plain ole cream curtains.  They acted like one big softbox which was perfect because we were set up indoors with no natural light.

Trevor did all the lighting and it turned out great!!!  We used one alien bee right in the center set at around 1/4 power and an umbrella.  We also used a speedlight behind the scene to illuminate the back curtains and fired everything with pocket wizards.  I was set at 1/100, f6.3, and iso 160 pretty much the entire shoot.  I love the way they turned out!!!  It was fun making all the props with my kids and I think the moms will be thrilled when they get to see all the photos this week.

Me and my little ones!!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!


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